Hello Fellow Foodies!

Just a quick shout out about tonight’s event. It’s 20something: The New Vintage time! Hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures of the food and have a review for y’all. Cheers to wine, food and good times!

Homemade Food Review: The Georgian

Hello Fellow Foodies!

Have I got a treat for you!  Last year, around this time, you got a review about the Herbfarm.  This year, you get a review about The Georgian!  Two amazing dining establishments in the Greater Seattle Metro Area.  Now you all know what this time of the year is right?  Yes, it is the start of the holiday season but there is another special event that happens that seems to require me to eat at the most amazing restaurants.  No, it is not because it is Dine Around Seattle, which is happening THIS MONTH! (3 courses for $30!!!)  It just so happens to be Trevor’s Birthday! Continue reading



Oh, I almost forgot to mention this new place! Momiji on Capitol Hill! It just opened on Wednesday and Woo and I happened to just walked by it and went in for a drink. The place is pretty awesome and the bartenders were really nice. We have future plans to go and eat there but our first sample was their Hamachi. Great taster! I think this place has great potential!

Homemade Food Reviews: Anchovies and Olives

Hello Fellow Foodies!

Last night started like any other day.  Woke up.  Got ready for the day.  Went to work.  Got off from work.  Decided what to have for dinner.  For the night, leftovers and the free potato that I got from a generous patient that day, or will it?  Turns out, my boyfriend and my best friend were chatting with each other and decided that I was lonely (Trevor is in Ohio for work) and that Woo should ask me out for dinner that night to keep me company.  Turns out that I really did need the company.  We had a discussion about where to go… Ciccheti or Anchovies and Olives… Of course I choose Anchovies and Olives.  A restaurant that I have wanted to go too for years!  Actually, ever since Ethan Stowell  opened it up in February of 2009.  One reason and one reason only… Oyster Power Hour!  Each oyster is only $1 from 5pm  to 6pm and then again 10pm to 11pm.  So here was my chance.

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