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MeThis is Ly…

Ly is a dork… ūüôā j/k no really he is…

Born on March 24 1982 in the small sleepy town of Tacoma Washington to an immigrant couple from Cambodia.  They, along with my three sisters, ran from their war torn country to live out their lives in America.

Childhood and Family life:¬† Childhood¬†wasnt always the best, but family was and still is¬†always important.¬† When you have a close-nit family like I did, there’s always someone you can turn too to talk or go do something with.¬† Mom is Poeu.¬† Dad is Kimse.¬† Technically I have three, but in reality I have 6.¬† Yeah… 6 sisters… Sokha, Sokhon, Nary (my biological sisters), Phiny, Phina (my cousins)¬†and my little bratty neice Samantha.¬† Then you have my other cousins¬†Chanda, Daniel¬†and Jennifer.¬†¬†Growing up with these guys wasnt always easy but it was always fun.¬† My grandma recently passed away… she was the rock in the family.¬† Now its my auntie E-tome… ūüôā its what we all call her.¬† Love them both and my aunti Ngin and my uncle Nga.

School life:¬† Elementary was fun… Go Jennie Reed Rockets!¬† Middle School was an awakening period… Go Stewart Sabres! or now Panthers!¬† High School was a deep depressing episode with rays of sunlight through the dark grey sky… Go Henry Foss Falcons!¬† College was when I was when I finally found myself… Go U. of Washington Huskies!

Friends in life:¬† Where would I be without my friends?¬† Lost and confused probably.¬† Actually, I am surprise I made so many good friends.¬† Friends that I know will always be there for me.¬† Elementary: Sokunthear! High School: Sovanny, Anita, Natalie, Tony, Jennie, Su, Mey.¬† College Undergrad Pre-Program: Betty Y., Marisa, April.¬† College Undergrad Program: Wes, Leslie, Charleene.¬† College Fraternity: Woo, Ryan M., Jay, Eric, Nathan, Alex T., my littles Tom and Trevor G.¬†¬†The S.O’s: Jamie Y., Teresa, Ashley, Jessica.¬† Work: Jamie, Darcy, Edgar, Mike, Kevin, Lena, Vienna.

And of course, by best friend in life and boyfriend… Trevor I. ^_^

Gay life:¬† Ah the gay life… not quite the simple life but still full of uncensored hijinx and naughty fun.¬† Yes, if you have not noticed… Im gay.¬† OH WOW!¬† What a shocker! ūüėȬ†

Q: When did you first realize you were gay?

A: When I was a wee lad back in 1995… 8th grade… well no, thats when I finally knew the definition of what I was… I knew back in Kindergarded really… Always had an affinty to boys, just better at making friends with girls really.

Q:  When did you first come out?

A:¬† Technically?¬† To Sokie back in 8th grade, on the bus, on the last day of school.¬† Told her to open this piece of paper I folded into those paper triangles… remember doing that when you were passing notes to each other!¬† Yeah, those were the days.¬† NEways, it was wrapped up in like an inch of tape.¬† I thought it would take a while, but I found out in college it took her all but a minute to open it and read it.¬† WAY before I called her and told her not to open it.¬† She kept my secret all through high school.¬†¬†I think I owe her a lot of gratitude.¬†¬† But officially was when my sister Nary¬†found my diary, which was this notebook which I left lying around in my bedroom with the words “DO NOT READ” written on the cover, and read some of my entries.¬† Let me just say, some of them were not tame to say the least… everything… and I do mean EVERYTHING was written in that notebook.¬† Fantasies, dreams, frustrations and all were in that notebook.¬† She freaked out… told my cousins… came to pick me up from tennis practice… bawling her eyes out… when we got home… cornered me and forced me to come out to her.¬† That was my first coming out.¬† Ah memories…

Q: Does your famliy know?

A: Yes.¬† My dad is having a hard time with it.¬† My mom is taking it well and trying to make nice with Trevor.¬† My sisters sans Sokha, freaked out and now are cool with it.¬† My cousins all are ok with it and so is my neice.¬† My aunties want me to marry a girl before something happens to my oldest aunt cuz she wants to see me marry before she passes away.¬† My uncle… hmmm we never really talk about it.

¬†Well I think that me in a nutshell or… um a hours worth of reading.¬† If I remember anything more about myself that’s interesting, I’ll write it down later or if you have more questions that you think should be added here, feel free to email me and I will post it… but maybe on the Blog and not here ūüėȬ† Just so I have something to write about!

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One thought on “Ly is me

  1. Nice entry! It’s funny how we all spend time together but often don’t get to hear each other’s “story”. Thanks for sharing! :]

    And nice to hear about the fam, I didn’t realize you had come out to them!

    Anyway, as usual <3 ūüôā

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