Homemade Food Review: Nishino

Hello Fellow Foodies!

This one is just going to be a quick “shout out” review for Nishino.  No pictures because we forgot to take them.

My guests: Trevor, Woo and Emily

If you like sushi, you should definitely check out Nishino in Madison Park.  http://nishinorestaurant.com/  We went there for their Dine around Seattle 3 for $30 and had a great meal.  Check out the menu here http://www.dinearoundseattle.org/restaurants_show.php?rdx=16.

I got the Spicy Sour Seafood Miso Soup (with Shrimp, Mussel and Salmon), The Assorted Sushi and Roll (Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, Shrimp, Surf Clam, Vegetarian Roll, Today’s Special Roll), and the Green Tea Tiramisu.

The miso was really good.  Not at all spicy, kinda sour but good overall.  The seafood was fresh and cooked well but I thought the shrimp was a little too firm.  It also had two pieces of my most dreaded veggie, the baby bok choy.   It soup made the bok choy actually quite enjoyable.  I can’t believe I just said that.   I also got sunimono with it too.  Sunimono is basically a seaweed and cucumber salad.  It was really great!  The assorted sushi was amazing.  The fish was so fresh!  The salmon, my least favorite sushi, was really good and looks so bright and orangey-red!  The roll was a mix of tobiko, tuna and something.  It was huge!  We each got two slices but they were more than a mouthful each.  Surprisingly, the three little pieces of veggie roll (cucumber and pickled diakon?) was really tasty.   Skip dessert.  They were all … Blah.

Overall, nice place, great décor.  Service was good.  Sushi was fresh and yummy.  Small.  Parking can be a hassle.  Small parking lot shared with other businesses.  I would go again just to try their main menu.

Go check it out!

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One thought on “Homemade Food Review: Nishino

  1. Definitely recommend to get the pairings of wine & sake with your meal if you can. It’s not only tasty, but a pretty good bargain!

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