Hello Fellow Foodies!

Just a quick shout out about tonight’s event. It’s 20something: The New Vintage time! Hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures of the food and have a review for y’all. Cheers to wine, food and good times!


Wow its been a long time since I have written on this blog :).  I am kind of a flake when it comes to things like this.  I would totally be in to it for the moment and once it becomes tedious, then I am out of it.  Well, hopefully things will change for the better.

I decided to start writing again… hopefully I will be more committed to it than I was before.

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Sweet news!

I just posted my last payment on my car!  YAY!  I have extra cash … well… I guess I can pay more for my credit cards… and then I can save more for that house that Trevor and I want… :(… aww… all that extra cash… just vanished in front of my eyes. … *tear*… Being a grown up SUCKS!