Homemade Food Review: Wild Mountain Cafe

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My guests for the evening were Trevor, Dan and Jessica.

Wild Mountain Cafe.  Has anyone heard of this place before?  I sure hadn’t and I have probably driven passed this place hundreds of times.  It is not off the beaten path, no.  Actually, it is located on a very busy street near a very busy intersection here in North Seattle, or to be more specific, Crown Hill.  Located at 1408 Northwest 85th Street Seattle, WA 98117-4236, this cafe is located in the middle of a block in a purple house lit up with lights.

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Now, when I say house, I really mean it is or was a house that has been transformed into a restaurant.  All the rooms are still there but they have been transformed into dining areas with tables and chairs.  There are also artwork all around the restaurant.  Same art that you would find in most of the restaurants on Greenwood Ave and 85th street. They also have a full bar, which you walk right into when you first walk into the cafe.  Dan found it at first awkward to be in a converted house restaurant but I had always loved that concept and had always wanted to do that myself!  Damn them for stealing my idea!

We were seated in the back room all to ourselves (for a while) in a table for four with two chairs and a bench.  The bench and the table were so close to each other, it was hard to get in… we probably could of moved the table back a little but for some reason we didn’t.  Don’t ask me why we didn’t LOL.  We were handed our menu and given the specials by our waitress, who seemed to have failed to introduced herself to us.  But the service was otherwise enjoyable.  The names for the dishes were fun.  I always love fun names for the dishes.  The food came on plates of all different patterns and colors.  They look like old fashion designs.  I like that they made it feel more homey.

On to the entrees!

Auckland’s Finest – New Zealand Lamb Shank ($17.75)

This was my dish.  I had a craving for lamb and I read the description and was sold.  It was a “slow braised shank for 3 hours to melt off the bone perfection.”  It came with a kalamata olive tapenade, burgundy jus and sauteed kale with roasted garlic mash potatoes.

When the dish came out, it was truly lovely.  The shank rested on the potatoes with the brightly green kale on the side.  The tapenade rested on top of the shank, which was hidden because the shank and the tapenade had the same color.  So when I first took the fork and knife to it, I cut right through the tapenade and thought, “oh how tender”, then it fell apart and I realized it was the tapenade and had a silent chuckle to myself.  The tapenade was cool and tasty with a light olivey taste to it.  Kalamata olives have such a strong taste to them, I was afraid that it would be too much but this had such a light flavor to it, it was perfect.

There were plenty of mash potatoes which were tasty and garlicy.  They were soft and fluffy with small chunks on potatoes in them.  The kale had a slight salty crunch to them, full of flavor but left an oily film on the lips which I wasn’t so keen about.  The lamb was tender and was a little gamey on the first few bites.  Once paired with the sides, it worked perfectly and the gaminess diminishes as the palate got use to the flavor of the lamb.  I would totally recommend this dish if you like lamb.

Filina’s Favorite Fried Chicken – Yeeehaw! ($16.75)

This is Jessica’s dish and is a “honey-kissed ‘oven-fried’ made from scratch” chicken dish.  It comes with season vegetables and garlic mash potatoes.

I actually got a chance to taste the chicken and it was really good.  I was intrigued by the honey part of this dish thinking it was going to be in the crust but instead it was  in a sauce that was drizzled on it.  The flavor of the honey worked very well with the chicken.  The chicken was sweet and tender although just a tad bit dry.  The crust, according to Jessica, was light and crispy although to my eye, it did not look crispy at all.  Looks can be deceiving.  Overall, a pretty solid dish.  I would totally recommend this.

House Special Ribeye Steak ($23.75)

This is Dan’s dish.  I didn’t get to try the dish and sorry I don’t have a description of the dish since the waitress requested the menu before I can write it down.  Dan has had this dish before so he said that the House Special of the night was considerably better than the regular Ribeye listed on the menu.  It came with orange glazed brussel sprouts for which I did taste and it was amazing.  I will have to find a recipe for that and will have to try and make it at home.  The orange did not overpower the taste of the brussel sprouts and I was wary of sweet sprouts but they worked beautifully together.  I highly recommend you try brussel sprouts this way if you don’t like brussel sprouts at all, you just might change your mind about them!

Mmm… Heavenly Pesto Pasta with Chicken ($16.75)

This is Trevor’s dish.  The pasta is made with a “lemon, garlic, rosemary marinated chicken on top of bowtie pasta with pesto, roasted garlic, tomato, mushroom and cream.”  It also comes with toasted bread.

Now this dish was ok.  It was surprisingly sweet and had a full pesto flavor.  It was also very creamy.  A highlight of the dish is the roasted garlic which was sweet, soft and creamy and had just a lovely flavor to it.  It came with two thin slices of grilled chicken that to me, was not seasoned at all.  It was flavorless.  Luckily, the pesto sauce was full of flavor but too one note with the pesto.  The chicken to Dan and Trevor was dry and oily but the piece I got felt moist.  I would not recommend this dish.  There are other dishes on the menu that tasted better.

Over all, this place has it’s charm.  I would recommend this place to all my readers.  Oh, they had live music there too!  We didn’t get to see him until we were on our way out since he was in the “living room” area of the restaurant.  There is no parking lot, so all you got is street parking.  Plenty of it there.  The dishes are moderately priced and so if you are looking for a cheap meal, this is not the place to go but go there anyways!

Here is the website: http://www.wildmtncafe.com/

Check them out!

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