Homemade Food Reviews: Las Vegas part Une

(Warning:  This entry encompasses three days, four restaurants and a back story.  It’s going to be long is what I am saying.  Enjoy!)

Hello Extras!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog but it was the holidays and I’ve done a little traveling but I’m back with a blog about my foodie trip to Las Vegas.  (I’ve been waiting to get the pictures up from the trip but I haven’t gotten them yet but I will update this entry with pics when I get them!)

First the story, then the reviews!

Las Vegas.  What can I say about that city?  The lights, the hotels, the shows, the spas, the gambling, the half naked ladies, the people on the street peddling cards with numbers to call or see the half naked ladies get even more nakie!, and of course… the FOOD!  Sin City:  Gluttony, buffets, check; Lust, strippers and brothels, check; Sloth,  spas, check; Greed, gambling, check; Envy, staring daggers at those who are winning or get a bonus round on the slots, check; Pride, leaving a winner, check; Wrath, leaving a loser, check.  All that can happen in one day!  LOL what a fun city!

Trevor and I were invited by our friends Ryan and Jamie to go to hang out in Vegas with them on the last week of December.  At first, I was hesitant to say yes because I already had another Vegas trip planed for the third weekend of January until they told us that we would be getting a discount on our room and all we will have to pay for is our flight down there and whatever else we wanted to do down there.  Um… YEAH!  LOL I was totally down and feeling a little greedy because I get to go down to Vegas TWICE in a month’s time.  Aren’t I a lucky one?

Our first night there, we went to go see Aria (the new hotel and casino at City Centre), had a drink and made dinner reservations at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris Las Vegas.  I am always in the mood for a French meal so I was totally excited that we were going there and that Trevor was the one that wanted us to go there!  (He never really is in the mood for French.)  Luckily we made reservations on Open Table because they weren’t taking any walk-ins at that time and we got seated promptly.  The food was amazing.  They served us bread with butter and this carrot thingy, I’m not sure what it was.  I think we were supposed to eat it on the side because I tried it on my bread and it didn’t taste right. We also got the Escargots de Bourgogne ($10.50) which was delightful.  It came out of the shell in this garlic basil sauce that was very close to pesto (could be pesto) and was delicious and went well with the bread.  For our entrees I got the Roast Chicken & Frites ($19.95).  The frites were to die for!  They were these thin cut flat strips of potatoe that were fried to perfection.  Crispy yet still a little soft in the middle.  Trevor got the Pork Tenderloin that had two thick strips of bacon with it.  Jamie go the Seared Sea Scallops ($21.95) that came with this lovely creamy whipped cauliflower that tasted like smashed potatoes but better for you, and Ryan got the Filet Mignon with the merlot butter, red wine reduction ($31.95) which was perfectly cooked.  We all agreed that merlot should not be drunk but that it should be made into this lovely sauce.  By the end of the dinner, Jamie and I were delighted see a French couple sit right next to us, validating the authenticity of the restaurant.


The next day we went to Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace for lunch.  I used to be a big fan of Bobby Flay when he had his show Boy Meets Grill but after that, he kind of because this cocky celebrity chef and I was turned off, so I was neither excited or dreading going to Mesa Grill.  Like Mon Ami Gabi, making a reservation at one these restaurants is crucial to getting seated quickly or at the time you want to eat.  One of the things that we found out about making reservations for this restaurant is, if you make it on Open Table, make sure you see that it is the Las Vegas one and not the New York one or else, you will not be seated right away.  We made our reservations in person, lucky us, because most if not all of the people, who made the reservations on Open Table, made it at the wrong location.  At Mesa, we ordered and appetizer along with our lunch. Our waiter was very helpful in recommending what he thought was the best on the menu, so we had two orders of the Tiger Shrimp + Roasted Garlic Corn Tamale ($14), three orders of the Mesa Burger ($16), and one order of the Pressed Cuban Sandwich ($16).  All three dishes were amazing.  The tamales were perfectly cooked.  It was soft and falls apart as you pick at it and the shrimps were large and plump.  The burgers were cooked to medium rare, seared perfectly on the outside, pinkish red through out the middle and oh so juicy.  The Cuban had so a lot flavor to it (according to Jamie).  The fries that were served with the burgers and sandwich were kind of a let down though (after having Mon Ami Gabi’s frites!)


Then it was off to Qua Spa at Caesars.  After the spa, we all wanted something light so we went to Sushi Roku in Caesars Forum.  The fish was fresh and everything else was good.  I asked for Ankimo (Monk Fish Liver) but the waitress made a face and said they were out and recommended the Uni instead but it was $12 dollars for the Uni while it was only $7 for the Ankimo, so I went for the $7 Albacore instead, which I am glad I did, because that Albacore was like butter! I also had the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Jalapenos ($9) which was good and slightly spicy and the Organic Garden Salad with Japanese Yuzu Citrus Dressing ($9).  Trevor had the Mixed Sashimi Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette ($17) and the Chef’s Sashimi Combination ($26) I think… he got something Sashimi lol.  Jamie had the Yellowtail Scallion ($7) and the Cold Cha Soba ($11).  Ryan had the Sautéed Salmon & Hokkaido Scallops: XO sauce with Asparagus & Potatoes ($26) with Miso Soup and Rice ($6) ($(Me thinks unless they changed their menu).  I was too sleepy from the relaxing spa to start reviewing the food in my head.  I just remember it was good but not really worth that price, but it is Vegas.


The fourth and final restaurant gets a posting on its own.  Look at my next post for the review of my first One Michelin Star restaurant!

To Be Continued…

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