Homemade Food Reviews: Elysian Brewing Company

I know its been a while since I have blogged but I’ve been so busy and wasnt in the writing mood but here I am.  I am currently working on another post that is currently delayed because I have to write about the Elysian.

A little background to the day.  My friend Mike and I went to yoga last Thursday.  It was a big workout and we both had very little to eat before the class since they told us to eat light before doing any of the poses or else… things might come back up :-/  Neways, we both were pretty much starving by the time we got out.  Coming out of the class, we both were wondering where to go and eat.  Well, I suggested the Elysian because 1) it was close and 2) my friend Kevin and his pose went to the Elysian that weekend to taste some yummy Pumpkin beer and I had a cravin.  (I know right… beer after yoga… Im such a bad person)

[google-map-v3 width=”350″ height=”350″ zoom=”15″ maptype=”ROADMAP” latitude=”0″ longitude=”0″ addresscontent=”1221 E Pike St., Seattle, WA” showmarker=”true” animation=”BOUNCE” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” bubbleautopan=”false” markerdirections=”false” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]

Neways, we get in and waited for a hostess to seat us.  For some odd reason, the hostess was not in her usual spot and had to be corralled back to work like 10 minutes later.  The Elysian has a very opened space with a moderate sized bar and a two tier dinning space divided into three areas.  There are some eclectic decor and has a lovely red color that is quite inviting.  While waiting though, Mike found a news paper about where the breweries are around these parts and we decided we needed to go on a Brewery Tour.

Neways, after being seated, we first glanced at the beer menu… Hello! Pumpkin Beer!  LOL I ended up getting the Dark O’ The Moon Pumpkin Stout which was tastey but had a very subtle (and when I say subtle I mean really really subtle) pumpkin flavor.  The cholcolate flavors totally overwhelmed the… oh wait… this isnt the Seattle Drink Patrol!  LOL I will save my review for when the Patrol visits the Elysian… until then…

Ok, on to the main show.

Mike ordered the Black Bean Burger while I decided to order the Pulled Pork aptly named the “Hot Babe” over the Shepard’s pie.  I just couldnt resist!  With a name like that and only $10 dollars, I was sold.  It came with either fries (thin shoestring or thick jojo style) or a salad (you can replace both for a soup and something else for extra $).  I chose the fries-shoestring… Hey! I am already getting a pulled pork sandwhich… might as well.

The food came alot quicker than the tables (I couldnt help but wonder why when there were quite a few empty tables… but I digress).  Once that plate hit the table… my eyes grew big.  Side note:  I’ve had plenty of pulled pork sandwiches in my life time.  I wasn’t all too excited about getting it in the first place, I just loved the name.

The sandwhich was pretty large.  The pulled pork actually looked like pork that was pulled instead of strings of pork.  There were nice large chunks in there that told me this pork was carefully looked after… perfectly pulled.  I had some of the fries first.  It was good.  Nicely seasoned and crunchy (a big yes!).  Then, I went and tried to tackle the sandwhich.  When I said it was big, I meant big.  The pork was in between the two slices of a onion kaiser roll with the most perfect slaw on top of the pork.  The pork had the most amazing flavor of any pulled pork I had ever had.  It was spicy, sweet  and tangy all at the same time.  The spiciness had this lovely but not too overpowering slow burn that made your mouth tingle and craving for more.  Each bit was an experience.  The pork felt saucy and juicy but there appeared to be very little on them, just coating them with sheer bliss.  No messy sauce drippings.  All the flavors were packed neatly in those two slices of Kaiser.  It… was… AMAZING! and I dont say that all that very often.

I totally credit the Chef… for whom I got the name but my phone unexpliciably crashed on me and now I’ve lost it.  I believe its Eric Greenberg but I will have to get back to you on that.  (Update! I found my notes and its Eric Greenwald!  Sorry for that confusion 😉 Eric, if you ever read this blog or find your name by searching yourself, you must give me that recipe.  I will do anything to get that recipe or just learn your secrets!

Mike was also very impressed with this Black Bean Burger.  His comment was something of the sort… It good, the patty looks like over seasoned patties but in a good way with black beans and corn.  It also looks like a real patty because it stuck to its form and didnt fall into pieces like other vegetarian patties.  Um… he described it better than I did here since I was a bad food critic and focused mainly on MY sandwhich >_<.  Mike! If you are reading this… comment below and describe your meal!  LOL.

I would totally recommend the Elysian and try their “Hot Babe” pulled pork sandwich.  I will definately be back to try more of their food, next time with more people so I can taste more


Ambiance: Casual and ecletic.  Cost: All of the items are below $15.  Taste:  So far so good.  Both the pulled pork and the black bean were a hit.  Location:  On 1221 E Pike St.  Capitol Hill.  Parking can be a drag.

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