Im currently on a softball team under the seattle city parks league.  Its so much fun.  Im on a team with some of my coworkers and some other friends.  Team includes coworkers Tim, Robby, Merisa, Melissa, Kevan, Mike, Kirk, Edgar and friends includes Jen and Twinkie!  There is also Dr. Andrew and Michael… sometimes Tim’s daughter :).  NE ways… yesterday we had a game and I totally rocked!  I play right or right-center… yesterday a ball came my way and I missed it BUT I hit everytime I was at bat… Made it to base a couple of times and got some RBIs AND… first time all season… I actually made it all the way around the bases and scored!  YAY!  BTW… its only like my fifth game playing softball ever!  Sweet huh!  lol I just had to share!

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