Sara Sidle

So I just watched the very last episode for Sara on CSI.  Sara, with all her eccentricies, was my favorite CSI in any of the three shows.  She was just very human and now she is gone.  I understand that Jorja Fox needs to expand her career but I am so upset that Sara left the show I cried!  YES!  I totally teared up.  Bye Sara.  Hope to see you in the future!  Pop in once and a while and tell us how you are doing… I know Gil will want to hear from you! 🙁

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One thought on “Sara Sidle

  1. I know!! I was so sad too, it’s like seeing a good friend move away. She was definately one of my favorites on the show — she just had so much depth and mystery to her. You looked at her character on the show and you just could see in her eyes she had things going on: a sign of a great actress. I’ll be pissed if her “other goals” don’t involve acting.

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